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Consequences of No Dental Care

Quite a few people live very hectic lives with crazy schedules. Things get so frantic that they will forget appointments or simply not do a few things are very important. One of these is dental care. Folks will ignore or forget routine dental care and that can be a problem. There are some very serious health consequences.

Plaque can build up on the teeth. This sticky material does contain toxins that are dangerous. As far as oral hygiene is concerned. Plaque can accelerate tooth decay and cause the pulp of the tooth to be infected. Should that happen a root canal will be needed to correct things. That same plaque can also infect the gums and bring on disease such as gingivitis. Diseased gums can lead to possible tooth loss.
Fewer teethdo more than make a person’s smile look strange. It can affect a person’s ability to eat solid foods and may deprive a person of needed nutrition for overall health. The sad part about all of this is that everything mentioned above can be avoided very easily.

It just takes anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes a day to brush and floss the teeth. Using the fluoridated mouthwash can also help keep teeth protected from major problems. If a person develops a daily habit of brushing teeth and using a fluoridated mouthwash, and follow up with routine dental checkups, good oral health can be maintained and some very serious problems easily avoided. It only makes sense for a person to make dental care part of a daily routine.

Good Dental Care Promotes Better Health

It’s not just nagging a person because good dental care can keep mouth healthy. People may be concerned about teeth, but the gums are just as important. Having teeth that are in good condition means a person does not have to deal with constant oral pain, and eating food is made much easier. There are a few other healthy consequences of maintaining good dental care.

Periodontal medicine deals with diseases of the gums. If the gums become inflamed or infected, it can result in tooth loss. There’s another danger as well. Research is beginning to suggest the periodontal disease has a connection to stroke and heart problems. There may even be a relationship with diabetic complications. All of these can be avoided if a person takes the time to maintain good dental care.
The best part about this is that it is not that difficult to do. Brushing twice daily updates on a few minutes and flossing takes additional minute or so to do. The consequence is a mouth is not as susceptible to health problems, and has a level of oral hygiene that encourages good overall physical health. The absence of pain alone is enough to maintain proper care.

It is recommended that a person see a dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and checkups. During those times a dentist can examine the mouth to see if there are any problems which need to be addressed immediately. A dentist can also detect warning signs of other problems not related to oral hygiene but may affect a person’s physical condition. It doesn’t take much time, but the consequences are excellent. Just a little attention to dental care assures better overall health.

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